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Leather, Interrupted

A perennial urban favorite, and especially popular this season, leather adds edgy modernity to any ensemble. This season's raw edges and built-in stretch make for less bulk and more movement. By adding just a subtle touch of this material, whether faux or real, you can add some glossy smoothness to the clothes already in your wardrobe.

The Drapey Jacket

Deconstructed tailoring makes for a forgiving fit, while ponte knit contours to your figure. I love it as a subtle alternative to the noisiness of a fully-leather jacket.

Lace details, laser cut-outs and pale neutrals make for a poetic variation...

The Part-Leather Pencil Skirt

The part faux-leather, part stretch knit combo creates a sleek and spill-proof skirt. A forgiving waistband makes it tolerable for dinner at the local sports bar.

The Part-Leather Sheath Dress

Layer with a button-down shirt for work, and a bolero cardigan for play.

The No-Need-to-Layer Blouse

A three-season wonder, it exudes clean, modern style.

Confidently dip your toe in the leather pond with accents or panels of this buttery-soft and supple material. Contrast fabrics and trims made of lace, stretch knits, and faux suede soften the dramatic sheen. It's the perfect urban armor.

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