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Need A Lift? Neckline Build-Ups

A classy neckline sends a powerful message of preternatural grace and self-respect. It exudes an air of timeless chic mixed with cool-girl sensibility. Let your inner beauty and good attitude shine through with these unfussy tricks for adding coverage to a low-cut top or dress.

A Multi-Strand Bib Necklace

A glimmering and bold necklace, like those of ancient Egyptian queens, creates a look of opulent restraint. Look for necklaces that have big beads or many strands of delicately-sized stones. I love the look of many hammered gold charms with a single strand of rice pearls. The sparkle lifts the intensity of an otherwise simple dress or blouse.

Button-On Collars and Dickies

This is a very current and versatile solution that you can match to any other piece in your outfit. I love that many are already embellished with gems or lace, like a built-in necklace.

Pretty pastel collars...

Modern white collars...

And embellished black collars...

Layering Tees

Snug-fitting jersey-knit tees with a jewel, crew, or scoop neckline are ideal as a base layer. Sleeveless crop tops give coverage just around the chest without adding bulk to the tummy (bonus!). Vary the effect with a tee that matches or contrasts the rest of your ensemble. For even less bulk, consider these Cami Secret clip-in stretch triangles. I wore them a few times, following a friend's recommendation, and found they work best secured with safety pins.

Neck Scarves

Of course these are a winner here. Let's not forget about the large stash of scarves already in the closet. Anything goes, from a small silk bandana, to a triangular muffler, to a large rectangular blanket scarf. This option can add soft, gentle draping to an otherwise sharply tailored outfit. Ruffled scarves and ones handmade with eyelash yarn add novelty.

Fur Collars

Conveniently popular right now, a fur collar amplifies your look with glamour and drama. There's an array of whimsical colors available this fall and winter--one for every mood.

Emphasize your traits of tranquility and contentment: how refined you are, and how comfortable you are with your inner self. Kudos for embracing your personal philosophy. The extra coverage is a symbol your being a memorable, magnetic woman whom others look up to.

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