1,2,3, Denim and a Tee

November 19, 2017





You have a life. Parties to plan, projects to launch, and children to shepherd. This takes time and energy, and a good outfit to help move things along (or at least not get in the way). So let's get real and talk about a hard-working yet chic ensemble that lets you skip the dry cleaner and the delicates detergent: denim and a tee. Denim skirts get an update with ample stretch and a side zipper, and the trusty old tee gets frilly and fun--in all its machine-washable glory.     



Tee: Downeast Basics, Skirt: Junees, Shoes: Crocs Lina Wedges


Tee: Downeast Basics, Skirt: Junees, Shoes: Crocs Lina Wedges


Tee: Talbots, Skirt: Junees, Shoes: Crocs Lina Wedges



Striped Tee + Maxi Denim Skirt 



Ruffled Tee + Full Denim Skirt    



Grey Tee + Button-Down Denim Skirt    



Lacey Tee + Black Denim Skirt              



Some days, if it's not easy, it's not happening. Schedules get busy and home life is happy chaos. I feel so satisfied when I create a casual-chic outfit that's easy care and comfortable to wear. Sparkle, spring, and smile.     


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