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Dance Like No One's Watching

Grey skies and soft white snow pair well with the sparkle and hushed tones of a ballet-inspired ensemble. There's something magical about the satin sheen of pointe shoes, and the gentle drape of chiffon wrap skirts. I admire the ballerina's strength and grace, discipline and balance, and aspire to those qualities in my own personal character. Don't we all?

The dancer's pirouettes spin around and around seemingly without end, one blending right into the next--as does life with a sleepless baby or a never-ending list of chores--yet a dancer stops to center herself, landing on two feet with arms extended to the audience's applause. So too we must pause the weekly merry-go-round for a moment of self-care and beauty in our lives.

Sweater: Bloch, Grey Blouse: thrifted, Necklace: Talbots (similar), Skirt: Junees (shop similar), Wedges: Easy Spirit

Ballet-Inspired Hats

Luxurious cotton and cashmere in pastel shades tenderly keep away the frost.

Ballet-Inspired Scarves

Around your head or neck, light as air scarves give a romantic feel.

Wrap Tops

There's something delicious about enveloping yourself with the long ties of a cozy wrap sweater or top.

On-Pointe Skirts

Embrace the airiness of chiffon wrap styles, metallic embellishments, and the fullness of multi-layered tulle.

Ballet-Inspired Footwear

Put on some dancing shoes and smile the whole day though. Just tying the ribbons around your ankles will make you feel graceful and prim.

Capture the scintillating beauty of winter with these graceful pieces. Finding a moment in your day to spin around in circles with the little one in your life--and to breathe deeply in appreciation of your countless blessings--brings joyful peace to your soul and to all those around you. Complete it all with a show-stopping smile.

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