Sleeves, Please

November 28, 2017



The way you clothe yourself is a visual language, and wearing sleeves makes a statement of soulfulness. But what if your chosen vêtement didn't come with them? Here are four no-sew solutions for adding arm coverage--without interrupting other outfit elements. 


Boleros and Shrugs  

This cozy, sometimes slouchy, outer layer covers just the arms and little else.    




Dress Cardigans   

These shortened sweaters conceal the front bodice more than boleros, making them ideal over a low-cut or strapless dress.  




Velvet and sequins add sparkle for evening.




Jersey (or) Cropped Shells   

An often budget-friendly and machine washable underlayer, reach for a shell that's snug for a bulk-free fit. You can always DIY the cropping.   




Spanx Arm Tights  

New this fall, Spanx's Arm Tights come in neon and deep colors, and textures like cable knit and metallic. Bonus: no seam going down your arm. 




Adding extra coverage on your arms with a sleeveless dress or top is a very thoughtful personal luxury. Ever an easy way to be in the good graces of (modest) style, these simple add-ons wont distract from the rest of your ensemble, yet shine a spotlight on your inner nobility.


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