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Blissful List #2

Where I live in the Northeast, the landscape is a winter wonderland. Even with the bare trees and sometimes cloudy skies, there is still beauty to be found in the scintillating austerity. So too in life we can find a way to be cheerful when life's daily progression seems bleak. Here are three pick-me-ups that I'm sure will boost your mood.

"Here it Goes Again" by OK Go

You may get kicked out of the gym for trying these moves. Apparently the video was choreographed by a band member's sister.

A Kneeling Chair

These provide relief for all-day desk and computer work, especially to save your back from poor posture. They come in different colors and configurations.

A liberating meditation

This therapeutic phrase from Dr. Miriam Adahan is called DCAY. Tape it to your bathroom wall or inside your closet to deepen your sense of serenity. Take a deep breath as you read it.

"Deeply and completely accept yourself."

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