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Blissful List #3

These three finds are like a vitamin B12 shot for your stark winter weekday. First up, a fantastic read by legendary British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Her glossy-paged hardcover book is about anthropology through the lens of cosmetics use--I bought a copy months ago and devoured every page. If you love makeup and history, you'll enjoy snuggling on the couch admiring these gorgeous photos on your next snow day. As the author notes, "This isn't just about lipstick and eye shadow. Read this book and you will never look at makeup in the same way again." PS, it might be available at your local library.

Pleasant background music playing in the house while you prep meals and tidy up creates a warm and happy environment, while taking some of the drudgery out of housework. The acoustic, mellow melody of James Bay's "Let It Go" is perfect for your next playlist.

Lately standing desks have been getting a lot of attention for improving posture and circulation. Tabletop converter/platforms are a nifty way to keep your current desk while still reaping the health benefits.

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