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The One-Piece Wonder

Ready, set--already done! This approach to dressing is so quick, think of all the extra pleasures you'll have time for in the morning: a rejuvenating facial mask, that warm-water-and-lemon-juice bandwagon you've been meaning to jump on, a leisurely breakfast. These midi T-shirt dresses with sleeves look great alone, belted, and with sleeveless vests of varying lengths. Add whatever footwear the day calls for and a smooth swipe of mascara, and you'll have a look that's quick to create and comfortable to wear. Hemline note: the models tend to be tall.

For a lunch date

An afternoon of ice skating

For a road trip

SAHM chic

To and from the gym

Alas, another formula for looking fashionable in the real world, and keeping things down-to-earth and wearable. Thank you so much for stopping by. Sign up for the newsletter below to keep in touch!

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