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Aubergine for Autumn

The elegance of matching separates is unmatched. (See what I did there?) This three-piece collection from Calvin Klein at Macy's is classic and comfortable (and on sale!) The specs: rayon-nylon ribbed knit fabric; 27 inch skirt length; pull-on sleeveless sweater; 43" long duster cardigan. I generally size up in slim-cut skirts for a more modest fit and a wider stride. For the bold among us, the set is also available in a punchy hot pink, shown below.

Matching separates must have matching accessories, of course. The black braided fabric headband is from Nordstrom, and the black leather booties are from the greatest shoe brand in the universe, Vionic. The leather is waterproof, and the back ankle has a soft stretch panel. I'll bet you already have a black handbag in your closet that would complete the trio. Elevate the look with some subtle sparkle: cute 14k gold CZ studs from Target (pronounce a with French accent).

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