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Hair Covering for Outdoor Sports

Updated: May 19

jersey newsboy cap for sports
hair covering for sports
head covering for running

Figuring out a hair covering for sports often involves some form of contraption. Bobby pins, tightly-knotted scarves... and headaches.

I recently discovered a simpler solution: a comfortable newsboy cap made of moisture-wicking bamboo rayon.

Hair Covering for Sports

The cap is an all-around winner for sports like backyard volleyball, kickball, and running. Running city marathons, sprints, endless errands, or even out the door with kids. You know, running.

I can see myself wearing this hat while umpiring and pinch hitting at neighborhood kids' baseball games. Or for seated endeavors that nevertheless challenge abdominal strength, like rollercoasters and log flumes.

The styling video

The 30-second video above shows the hat worn four different ways. Each with a slightly more voluminous shape, so you can pick the silhouette that suits your taste.

The Hat Specs

The main thing: stretchy, lightweight fabric. Check. Elastic in the back, check. A flexible, softly structured brim for a feminine silhouette, and sun protection: oh yeah. The wide stitched-in pleat behind the brim adds flattering dimension.

Unstretched, the hat measures 22" around the inner circumference. For reference, my headsize is 22.5" when measured around my hairline and over my ears.

The Underlayers

1: over a nylon stocking cap / 2: over a cotton single-layer cap / 3: over a pleated volumizer

Brown velvet wig-grip headband worn underneath all looks.

Ruched bamboo-rayon cap (shown in video)

The Modest Outfit

hair covering for woman sports

I've paired the hat with a moisture wicking half-zip top. Is that because it's my only workout top? Yes.

The sleeve hems have nifty thumbholes. I wear it with this black ponte knit a-line skirt and leggings.

While these colors don't technically match, the hat is solid navy, so it coordinates with other workout gear. It comes in twenty solid colors, and five floral prints.

Pair the top with this midi-length athletic skirt. Its built-in leggings are genius, as are its pockets for your cell phone and keys. It comes in over 2 dozen colors, and in sizes small to 5X.

The Confession

I would like to divulge how difficult it was for me to do this shoot WITHOUT. EARRINGS. There must be other gals who wear earrings even while working out.

Tiny diamonds, mini pearl studs? Am I the only one? With all my hair under wraps I need some sparkle.

Thank you for reading!

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