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How to Wear a 1940s-Inspired Turban

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I feel like a 1940s Hollywood movie star in this pleated double-layer turban hat by Headcovers. It complements daytime outfits with its sumptuous, casual interlock cotton fabric. The inner layer is the same soft cotton knit as the outside. I'd so love a dress made of this fabric because it is super. comfortable.

How to Style

1. Layer the turban over a padded volumizer cap.

2. Folded the hat's lower back edge under about 1", and

3. Gently pinch the pleats for evenness.

4. Nestle a brooch between the pleats. The pleats hold the pin upright and hide its hardware.

Continue the grayscale theme with a black jersey midi dress, gray duster cardigan, and silver earrings that coordinates with the brooch.

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Volumizer: Cardani

Brooch: Amazon

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