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Soft & Sweet in Gray Cashmere

Updated: Nov 22

I am really impressed with the berets these days. The one pictured above is from Quince and is made with 100% Mongolian cashmere in a soft (literally) gray colorway. To add fullness to the back of your beret, follow the easy tutorial here. This particular beret's folded front edge already has lift for your hairline.

cotton undercap and velvet headband from Amazon

Continue the soft color and texture with this floral applique button-down by Maeve, and affordable silk midi skirt from Quince. For dewy shimmer, swipe on this hydrating lipcolor in shade 'super skyline pink.' Blondo booties conclude the cloudlike, grayscale theme. Their waterproof suede exterior protects you from the elements.

Protection is paramount to us as women. Each of these artistic Kate Spade baubles depict a single eye that, according to tradition, safeguards from harm.

You are worthy of freedom. May we share in joy and peace. Keep in touch by signing up for the newsletter below.

Beret: Quince

Washable silk skirt: Quince

Shirt: Anthropologie

Earrings: Bloomingdale's

Necklace: Bloomingdale's

Ring: Kate Spade

Booties: Zappos

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