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Sunday Morning Florals

Updated: Oct 15

Light, sweet Sunday morning vibes are here. This paper-straw Panama hat is a most playful, pleasing shade of green. Did I mention it's also on clearance at Target right now? Further lighten the mood with this cotton chambray shirtdress; available in sizes 2-18, and also on sale. The punchy florals on this anthropologie apron will keep the dress sweet (and clean) while you prep Sunday brunch.

The delicate 18k gold plated chains on this multi-strand choker are adjustable, and can be worn lower on your neck. Since I can't resist matching accessories, I propose this golden combo of sneakers and crossbody/clutch from Cole Haan.

Finish the look with these shades, and you're off for a stroll in the Sunday sunshine. I hope you make it a great day.

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