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The Bold Rose

Updated: Oct 22

If you are bold enough to bedeck your head, then *bedeck* your head. The irresistible drape of this silk-cashmere scarf is amplified by its bright tone. The 72"x28" rectangular dimensions make it ideal as a headwrap (tutorial below). If you prefer a quieter color, the scarf also comes in black, ivory, grey, and tan.

Now let's bedeck with jewels. These 1-ct Swarovski zirconia studs are a steal from Amazon, as are the necklace and CZ ring. The necklace brings out the rose tones in the scarf and dress, and has a nifty slider to adjust its length.

Balance out the sass with understated class via this matching dress and jacket from Talbots. Quick dress specs: fit and flare, misses 41" long, plus 43" long; 100% merino wool. The double-faced wool jacket is unlined; perfect for early fall. Slip on these 2" suede pumps to complete the burgundy trio.

As last touches, spray on Tory Burch's Signature Eau de Parfum, and swipe on Estee Lauder's Replenish lip balm.

Your presence here matters. Today, be bold enough to approve of yourself, and to be proud of what you do.

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