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Your Weekend Away

You are going away for the weekend, and you will need to pack things. Lots of things. Let's keep priorities straight and start with essentials: jewelry. When you're lounging about in your rayon maxi t-shirt dress, there will be no need to untangle necklaces before dinner. Because you have come prepared with a travel jewelry organizer. The green Swarovski pear-shaped studs and Kate Spade pearl flower necklace will travel in style; arrive unscathed.

This straw hat is made of a paper-poly blend with a 5-inch brim. The remaining hat specs I will reveal slowly. It is from Target... It comes in two sizes!... It is on clearance!! The time to hustle is now.

Traveling gals need bags. Not too many bags. This beige duffle should accommodate enough belongings for a weekend. The cell phone pocket was wisely placed on the outside.

Ladies of a certain age may need some coaxing for this last accessory: the sling bag. No, it's not a fanny pack. This sling bag is made of fine Italian leather and has plenty of pockets inside and outside. Yes, a sling bag. The strap has silky sheen, and the hardware is vibrant--just like your travels. Just like you.

If you are here, you are awesome. I'm wishing you a brilliant day filled with the wonders of nature and life and love.

Hat: 22" & 23" headsizes, Target

Jewelry organizer: Target

Weekend Bag: Target

Dress: Asos

Necklace: Kate Spade at Macy's

Earrings: Swarovski at Nordstrom

Sling Bag: Quince

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