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Tying a Tasseled Headwrap

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Such feathery fun! Aquamarine, moss green, and ocean blue form delightful leaf clusters on this tasseled rectangular scarf. It's 100% rayon, and perfectly sized for the technique in the video below. The tassels are a matching shade of blue, and are short and fluffy shape that's easy to wear.

I've tied the scarf over a ruched bamboo-rayon undercap for subtle fullness. For a band of contrast color, I positioned the cap to peek out from underneath the scarf's front edge. The khaki green hue matches beautifully with the scarf's deep olive accents.

I've coordinated the scarf with this cotton-blend sweater duster in dark green. I have this sweater in three colors, and they are so comfortable. I recommend ordering (at least) one size down, as I found the sleeves and chest to have an oversized fit.

To keep the cardigan closed, I'm wearing a belt I hand-stitched with green foldover elastic and a small gold buckle. Belts with stretch are so much more comfortable for all-day wear.

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Scarf: Amazon

Undercap: Cardani

Duster cardigan: Amazon Essentials

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