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How to Style A Roll-Front Beret

Updated: Mar 27

A cotton beret is a versatile addition to any headwear wardrobe, and often difficult to find. This cranberry pink beret is from Parkhurst. It's impressive that their headwear has been designed and made in Canada for almost one hundred years.

I love jewel tones and this color works for every season. The finely-knit yarn feels smooth and breathable. While the beret has a rolled front edge, I folded it under about a half inch for a a flatter look. I also folded the back edge under twice at the nape of the neck for a rounder silhouette.

Underneath the beret I'm wearing this single-layer cotton layering cap for added volume in the back, and a velvet grip headband for slip-proofing. I couldn't resist adding this bargain-priced brooch with its amber, black, pink, and silver tones.

cotton layering cap

Sometimes it's discouraging that women's hats are harder to find these days. Many online and brick-and-mortar hat retailers have shuttered their doors in the past few years. Louise Green Hats, Wildhagen Hats, Hatagories, Betmar Hats, just to name a few.

I say keep up your love of hats, and your confidence in wearing them! It's still possible to find quality headwear, and style it in a chic way that flatters your features. Join hundreds of other hat-lovers by subscribing to the newsletter below.

Hat: Parkhurst

Grip headband: Madison

Undercap: Amazon

Brooch: Amazon

Locket necklace: Similar

Dark chestnut brown cardigan: Amazon Essentials

Similar earrings: Amazon

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