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The Square Medallion Scarf

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Scarf: Amazon / Beret: San Diego Hat Co

Punchy teals and greens make a bold statement on this 100% cotton square headscarf from Amazon. Its 38"x38" dimensions make it ideal for tying the Twist Bun technique. When you fold the scarf in half diagonally, the print creates a charming radial pattern from the front to the back of the scarf.

Given its fiber content, it also makes a great layering scarf underneath slippery silk scarves, or to add fullness under a beret.

This delicate medallion necklace echoes the scarf's motif. Its pale green peridot gemstones and diamonds are set in 18k gold-plated settings that delicately reflect light. The medallion can be slipped off if you want to use the chain for other pendants.

Continue the vibrant blue tones with a crewneck sweater and lustrous midi skirt in vibrant shades of blue. This lightweight cotton-modal crewneck sweater is available in sizes XS-5X. Pair it with an affordable (and washable!) silk skirt from Quince in the color 'celestial'.

Leather Vionic boots give you a lift, literally. Not just the 3.25" block heel, but also the unparalleled arch support. I wear Vionic shoes almost every day for this benefit. Slip your hands into these green cashmere-lined leather gloves from Bloomie's when the air starts to nip at your fingertips.

Tory Burch's Electric Sky perfume set makes a stunning gift for a dear friend, or a well-deserved treat for yourself. OPI Strong nail polish in shade "queen mother earth" accents with the scarf's blue-greens with high shine.

You shine brightest when you feel assured of your strength. Today, may you radiate celestial beauty from the inside out.

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