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Two Easy Ways to Raise a Neckline

Updated: 18 hours ago

Dressing modestly in our times often takes extra effort. Sometimes a few extra dollars. But what better way to spend the two than on your values?

Exhibit A: a lower-than-you'd-like neckline.

The solution: build up the garment's neckline... invisibly... and quickly. It's not quite magic, but almost.

How, you ask? Keep reading for 2 quick, easy techniques.

2 Easy Ways to Raise a Dress or Blouse Neckline

The following methods best on necklines that are less than 2" too low (or wide) for your taste.

You'll find a video tutorial and photo slideshows.

For necklines that need more than 2" of adjustment, stay tuned for part 2 of this article. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page so you don't miss out!

Method 1: Insert elastic cord

This method is easiest on stretchy garments. However, it can also be done on non-stretch wovens. No sewing experience is needed!

You can do this alteration using just a small travel sewing kit. You'll also need elastic cord (not flat, ribbon-shaped elastic).

Watch the 2.5-minute video tutorial on this method below. I demonstrate on both a t-shirt dress and a non-stretchy cotton gauze dress.

Tools in video:

The trick here is to use elastic cord, not a flat, ribbon-shaped elastic band. This cord comes in a set of 2 spools, in both black and white.

I highly recommend using a round-tip needle, like these yarn needles. A sharp-tip needle will be harder to navigate.

For a quick summary, follow the 4 steps pictured below.

Method 2: Raise the shoulders

100% cotton dress: Amazon (XS-2X)

The elastic cord method wouldn't work well on the yellow dress above, since its neckline binding is very narrow. Getting a needle and elastic through it would be difficult.

Luckily, it's a perfect fit for method 2: raising the shoulder seams.

This method is easiest on sleeveless tops and dresses.

Four easy steps

  1. Try on the garment inside out.

  2. Raise the shoulder seams so the neckline suits your taste.

  3. Secure the stitchline with sewing pins or safety pins.

  4. Trace stitchline with pencil, then stitch by hand or with machine.

Note that this method works best if the dress' underarm seam is low (like the dress above). Otherwise, it will be too tight against your underarms.

(Last photo: if you use a safety pin, I wont judge you.)

Raising the shoulder seams will also raise the garment's hemline. Make sure the garment's hemline will be long enough for your taste.

Add a bolero

You'll want to add some sleeves to your sleeveless dress. May I recommend...

Biege bolero (S-3X) / Gray bolero (S-3X)

The beige and gray cropped cardigans above are two of my favorites. They are made of a lightweight rayon-blend sweater knit, and come in sizes small to 3X.

My grandmother used to say, "When you find a garment you like, get it in every color." This bolero happens to come in 28 other colors!

So naturally, I've got my eye on the plum, teal, burgundy, and magenta colorways.

That's the spirit!

Thank you for reading

May you wear all of your classy outfits in good health. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter below for part 2 of this article.

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