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6 Damage-Free Accessories for Head Scarves and Wraps

Scarf: Vera Bradley / XL Scrunchie: Kitsch, similar here / Earrings: Amazon

Every now and then, a gal wants to accessorize her accessories.

A silk bandana tied around a leather satchel, a rhinestone shoe clip on a pair of pumps, a pouf of silk blooms on a sun hat.

Adding that little something extra gives your whole outfit--and your mood--a big boost.

6 Damage-Free Accessories for Head Scarves and Wraps

Here is the short list of my top accessories for head scarves and wraps. They won't snag, pull, or otherwise damage your lovely scarves. Let's start with the styling video.

The styling video

1. Satin headbands

Pearl headband: Shiraleah / Scarf: Iristide / Earrings: Etsy

Green headband: Amazon / Teal silk scarf here / Brown animal print scarf: Melifluos / Pink headband: Amazon

The subtle sheen on these satin headbands is a delight.

The blue satin headband is about 2.5" inches wide, and has faux pearl beads throughout.

The green and pink headbands shown above came in a set of 18 colors (!!) for under fifteen dollars. I'm wearing colors from the set 'multicolor.' I have my eye on these muted roses and greens.

2. Stretch jersey headbands

Headbands: Funny Girl Designs / Green solid scarf: Iristide / Gray floral scarf: Melifluos

These are my go-to cotton jersey headbands for myself and my daughter. They are 2.5" wide and come in dozens of colors. The small amount of spandex in the fabric gives them good stretch and recovery.

Scarf: Iristide / Headband: Kitsch / Earrings: Etsy

Headbands: Kitsch / Paisley scarf: Iristide

These 3" wide adjustable headbands are also made of a smooth cotton knit. You can tie them as tight or loose as you like. The knot creates a bow effect, which you can position in different ways.

3. Scrunchies!

Scarf: Vera Bradley / XL Scrunchie: Kitsch, similar here / Earrings: Amazon

Scrunchies are so useful worn underneath headscarves for soft volume and shaping. They also look chic on top of a scarf. Play with chiffon, velvet, and satin in different sizes.

4. An obi belt

Obi belt: Amazon / Scarf: Iristide

The curved shape of an obi belt hugs your head scarf for a smooth silhouette. Plus, it doesn't have buckles or metal prongs that might snag delicate fabrics.

This one is made of a soft and supple leather. You can find a video tutorial on tying it in my article How to Tie an Obi Belt on a Head Wrap.

5. A narrow silk sash

Printed silk sash: Amazon / Burnout chiffon scarf: Macy's / Earrings: Amazon

Gray satin sash: Amazon / Green scarf: Iristide / Black satin sash: Amazon / Purple scarf: Iristide

Narrow silk sashes are so versatile and so, much, fun.

The blue printed sash above is made of 100% mulberry silk. It's affordable, and comes in over 40 (irresistible) patterns and colors.

The gray and black sashes are made of polyester satin, and come in a set of three with solid white.

6. Seed bead and faux pearl headbands

Cream chiffon scarf: Amazon / Faux pearl headbands: Amazon / Earrings: Etsy

All 4 headbands here / Teal tassel scarf here / Cream chiffon scarf here

Speaking of sets, these slim beaded headbands come in a set of ten. There are limitless ways to arrange them in and around your scarves.

Multicolor cotton scarf here / Black beaded headband here / Rose gold earrings here

I tied the multicolor paisley scarf above in the popular 'Royal Turban' technique. You can find a quick video tutorial here. I then positioned the black seed bead headband toward the back.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you have as much fun embellishing your head scarves as I did mine. Sign up for the newsletter below for weekly headwear inspiration.

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