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Setting Up a Wall-Mounted Hat Rack

Updated: May 10

Wondering how your hat collection can go from piled up on the closet floor, to fancy and tres facile? Here's how you can pull it off without putting a large dent in your hat budget.

My wall-mounted hat rack project began with pegboard cut to size. It was then mounted to the sheetrock wall on small wooden support beams.

The hats themselves rest on metal display arms from Amazon, which are designed especially for pegboard.

This system works well on your bedroom wall, in your closet, or in your hat shop--which we definitely all want to hear about!

From the top:

Dark brown: Eugenia Kim

Purple ombre: Tarnish at Nordstrom

Black: Suzy Millinery

Beige: Suzy Millinery

Grey with black band: Scala from Lord and Taylor

Hunter green: Betmar Hannah

Black fedora: AdornA by Milano

Almond brown: Betmar Citrine

Grey-blue ombre: Tarnish at Nordstrom

Medium Grey: Filippo Catarzi

Light Grey: Nordstrom

Navy Blue Velvet: Eggcup

I hope this idea spoke to your hat-loving soul.

Thank you for reading!

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