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Where to Buy Women's Hats Online: My Top 5 Sites

collage of womens hats

I like hats. A lot. I wear them year-round: rain or shine, heat or cold; vintage or new. I even wore them on school picture day as a kid.

Girl wearing a bucket hat in a class photo

Nowadays, it takes a lot of confidence to wear a hat. Sometimes it draws attention. It always makes a statement.

The difficulty finding hats

I can't write this love letter to my fellow hat wearers without first mentioning a collective sorrow. I feel your sadness that so many hat stores and brands have been discontinued in the past few years.

I loved hats from Louise Green, Adorna, Wildhagen, Terry Graziano, Hatagories, and Patricia Underwood. Betmar's older hat styles are still available, but I haven't seen a new style released in years. Eric Javits makes new hats, but seems increasingly focused on shoes and bags.

Woman in beige straw hat with pink flowers

Hat: Betmar / Earrings: Etsy / Pink flowers: Petershams / Ring: Swarovski

What we want

When we hat lovers want to buy a hat online, would like to see it pictured on a human model. Not an unsettling mannequin head, and not laying flat.

We would also appreciate structured hats being shipped in a box, not squashed into a bag. Would any retailer consider shipping shoes that way?

Please tell us the inner circumference of the hat. One size does not fit most. If you offer different sizes, we will love you forever.

Where to buy hats online

Back to the hunt. The following websites are my top five for hat shopping online.

woman in teal wool beret

Anthropologie has been selling stylish headwear for years, and shows no signs of stopping. Let's breathe a collective sigh of relief.

I love that Anthro carries handmade hats from indie brands like Wyeth. Their brand Maeve makes hats with inventive textures and fun embellishments like pearls, embroidery, and rhinestones.

Anthro even carries hats from...

woman in wool flower beret

San Diego Hat Co is today's reigning, surviving champion of affordable ladies hats. They offer a variety of hat types: winter, wide brims, fedoras, berets, wool, straw, crochet, and more. Yes, more.

I especially love that their hats have a feminine look. And speaking reigning champions, you're sure to have luck browsing on...

3. Amazon

Amazon likely has the largest selection of ladies hats online. You can find headwear of high quality and... not so high quality.

The reviews and photos other shoppers post are essential for making the distinction before ordering. If you guessed wrong, returns are a breeze.

You can find quality hat suggestions by subscribing to my e-newsletter at the bottom of this page. You can also read new posts on the hat page weekly.

When I search on Amazon for a new hat, I begin with brands I already trust. Among them are Parkhurst, HatsCity, Betmar, and...

Based in Washington state, Hats Scarves and More is an indie headwear brand with a powerful story. Founder and designer Nicki Serquinia is a hairdresser who had lost her hair to cancer in the late 80s.

Since then she has been designing fashionable, full-coverage headwear. Her hats and scarves are made with comfortable, breathable fabrics.

As a hat maker myself, I have found all of her headwear to be well-constructed and thoughtfully designed. I have not returned a single order.

Bonus: every hat is pictured on a lovely model. And last but certainly not least...

5. Etsy

woman in vintage hat

Etsy is an online mecca for vintage and handmade hats. It's where I found the above 1950s Lord and Taylor silk cocktail hat.

There are lovely vintage hats at US-based Etsy shops like HisandHerVintage. It has over 600 hats available at the time of this writing.

Chicago-based MillinerySupplyShop has a selection of full-coverage hats, like this jaunty wool beret, this cloche, and this structured beret. They are handmade based on your size and color preference.

UK-based Etsy shop RevivalVintageUK carries both true vintage and reproduction hat styles. Ive got my eye on their 1940s-style asymmetrical trilby hat.

Best of luck on your hat hunting adventures! Thank you for stopping by. Subscribe to the newsletter for weekly hat shopping tips.

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