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3 Ways to Tie a Printed Satin Scarf

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

This print is so. much. fun! I had a great time playing around with the different ways to fold this square scarf to get varying effects from the colorful 'dark raspberry' print. While it's 100% polyester and well under twenty dollars, it has a sumptuous silk-like feel.

In the photos and the video below, I've tied the scarf three different ways with a pleated volumizer cap underneath. This ruched bamboo-rayon undercap would work well if your prefer less volume.

I've styled the satin scarf with a salmon-pink modal jersey-knit dress. It came with a self-belt, which I love for creating definition at the waist while maintaining the continuous visual line of the dress. This kind of sash-style fabric belt is easy to adjust for extra room after a large meal.

To quietly complement the boldness of the scarf, I've paired it with small yellow gold hoop earrings and a J.Crew rose-gold choker necklace.

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Wishing you a day as smooth as silk. And even if it's not, may you find joy in small triumphs. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter below to keep in touch!

Scarf: 'dark raspberry,' Amazon

Volumizer cap: Cardani

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