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How to Dress Like Queen Maxima, Part 2

Hat: Vintage, similar here / Necklace: J.Crew, similar here / Coatdress: sewn by me, similar here / Pumps: Calvin Klein

I just can't get enough of Queen Maxima's smashing, modest looks!

I previously detailed her light-colored outfits in "Get Queen Maxima's Spring-Summer Modest Style." Finding you affordable, size-inclusive lookalikes was a blast.

I've decided to do it again! This time, we'll explore her outfits that feature deep, rich colors.

Queen Maxima, while hosting foreign royals in The Hague.

So I picked up some Dutch tulips, put on a cotton sateen coatdress I sewed myself, and sat down to scour the web on your behalf.

Maxima's Argentinian roots shine through in her comfort with rich, vibrant colors. Her animated expression brings cheer to those she meets at Holland's royal engagements.

How to Dress Like Queen Maxima

I've reigned in my wild passion for Maxima's exuberant elegance, and narrowed it down to fourteen (!!) outfits that would be useful in your life.

Keep reading to discover how to dress like Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Find affordable versions of her funky-prim, modest outfits and accessories. The garments are size-inclusive, from XS up to 4X.

1. At a children's museum event

Similar: Hat / Coat (XS-XL), and here (XS-XL) / Jacket, plus sizes / Dress (0-16) / Bag / Gloves / Earrings / Shoes, also here and here

Plum and hot pink make a fine pair! The crocodile texture on the clutch complements the dress' animal print.

This similar, modest printed dress and hot pink croc bag will put a smile on your face. Top off the look with this upturned wide brim hat. It's a similar shade of plum as Maxima's.

2. Opening a hospital wing

In this photo, Maxima was opening a hospital wing for women's health in The Hague. Gray suede and green make another stunning color combination. Matching accessories make the whole look cohesive.

Similar: Hat / Dress (0-24) / Brooch / Earrings / Quilted bag / Dress gloves, also here / Shoes

3. At a horticulture event

For a horticulture event in Naalwijk, Netherlands, Maxima combined crimson velvet and plaid.

I love Maxima's cocktail hat, and managed to find an affordable look-alike here. It's complete with the veiling over the hat, not over the face.

If you love making hats, drape millinery veiling around this deep wine wool base. Both ship from the US!

Wear the hat with this plaid pencil skirt. It's comfortable and chic, in sizes XS-2X.

Similar: Hat with veiling / Velvet blouse (XS-XL), also here (XS-XL), and here (M-4X) / Skirt (XS-XL), also this one (XS-3X), and this one (XS-2X) / Gloves, also these / Brooch / Heels, also these

4. At a memorial service

For Prince Philip's memorial service in London, Maxima chose deep grayscale tones. The look is respectful, but not boring.

The same could be said of this affordable gray dress, available in sizes up to 3X. Flatter the dress' jewel neckline with oversize black pearls.

Similar: Couture hat / Affordable hat / Cape / Dress (XS-3X) / Stretch croc belt (S-4X) / Affordable real pearl necklace / Earrings / Gloves / Shoes

5. Hosting Spanish diplomats

I want to wear this outfit every. single. day. Carpool, cooking, and cleaning be damned. Would someone please pass me my lambskin gloves?

Similar: Hat / Top / Similar outfit in navy (2-16) / Necklace / Beads, also here / Heels / Bag / Gloves, also here

6. On the Thames River

Maxima wore bright pink with black sequins for a maritime event on the Thames River. Click below for three similar dress options. Embellish with a stunning leaf applique.

Similar: Hat / Hat trim (from UK), also here / Dress (0-16), also here (0-22), here (0-22) and here (M-3X) / Black applique / Gloves / Heels

7. Visiting a design academy

Maxima chose monochrome for visiting a design academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

She wore solid soft gray separates, suede heels, and a statement necklace. The effect is pure elegance. It looks comfortable, too.

This similar gray turtleneck comes in sizes XS-6X. It's made of a cotton-modal blend, which is a dream to wear. Coordinate with gray suede block heeled pumps.

Similar: Wrap coat sizes XS-2XL, also this one / Turtleneck (XS-6X) / Skirt (XS-2X) / Quilted bag / Necklace, also this one / Heels, these too 

8. As a wedding guest

A sky-high hat makes a dressy outfit even more smashing. Maxima chose muted yellow and gray for a royal wedding in Luxembourg.

This similar gray pencil skirt has stretch, and can be dressed up or down. It comes in sizes S-3X.

Similar: Hat here and here / Extra pheasant feathers / Blouse here and here / Skirt (S-3X) / Also this skirt (0-18), and this one / Brooch for waistband / Earrings / Platform slingbacks

9. At an office party

This tonal red outfit dazzled at an event for Ministry of the Interior workers in The Hague.

Both this dress and this dress (sizes 0-18) echo the neckline gathers on Maxima's modest frock.

Similar: Hat / Cape (XXS-2X) / Dress (0-18), also here (S-2X) / Belt / Earrings / Bag / Gloves / Boots

10. At a book launch

Maxima dazzled at a launch party in The Hague for a new photography book. As Queen, she was honored with the first copy.

This couture hat is a splurge, but features the same luscious velour fur felt as Maxima's. It's custom made to your head size, and ships from Florida. Sit pretty in this skirt while you await its arrival.

Similar: Couture hat / Turtleneck (XS-6X) / Skirt (XS-2X), also this one (up to 3X) / Belt / Bag / Gloves, also here / Shoes

11. On a state visit to Slovakia

These blues are deep yet vibrant. Maxima shone in this tonal outfits at Slovakia's presidential palace for a press statement.

This similar collared fit and flare dress has a subtle sheen (S-2X). Make it even more timeless with a sparkling brooch.

Similar: Hat / Scarf / Dress (S-3X), also here (S-2X) / Brooch, also this one / Gloves / EarringsHeels 

12. At a state luncheon

For a state lunch for Italian diplomats, Maxima chose a tailored frock with feminine draping. The pheasant feathers on her hat add quiet pizzazz.

This pale blue tailored pencil dress with waistline ties is definitely on my wish list.

Similar: Hat / Dress (4-18) / Also this dress (4-18) / Bag / Earrings / Gloves / Suede pumps

13. At a leadership summit

Leopard print and cherry red make a splashy entrance! Here she is at a leadership summit in Amsterdam.

This affordable animal-print chiffon dress is strikingly similar. As is this one, which comes in sizes 0X-3X. Pair it with an textured clutch in bright cherry red.

Similar: Hat / Dress, sizes XXS-XXL; also this one (0L-3X) / Clutch / Earrings / Heels, also these and these

14. Hosting French diplomats

It's hard to pick a favorite look, but this one is mine! The matching dress, bag, and pleated turban make me want to drop everything and start sewing.

This similar yellow wool wrap coat is sure to dazzle.

Similar: Hat / Dress (2-18) / Wrap coat / Earrings / Brooch / Pumps

Queen Maxima's Dazzling Style

Maxima can certainly pull off a bold colors and daring color combinations! Her cheerful charm shines through not just in her outfits, but also in her glowing smile. You can see her deep caring for her fellow countrymen.

I feel the same enthusiasm for my readers. It was a pleasure to research and create this post for you.

Thank you for reading!

I've literally been squealing as I write this. Not just over the clothes and hats--but that there are women like you who appreciate this level of elegance and poise.

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