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Dior Hats! The World of Haute Millinery

Woman in hat holding the book Dior Hats

"Without hats, there is no civilization."

Christian Dior penned this powerful thought in his 1954 "Little Dictionary of Fashion." In his world, a hat was essential to a woman's outfit.

Dior Hats: The Book

In our times, hats are often secondary to clothing and footwear. "Dior Hats: From Christian Dior to Stephen Jones" allows you to immerse in a world of designer millinery, where headwear is the main focus.

"At the time of Monsieur Dior, the hat department represented by far the biggest turnover of any accessories, including shoes, handbags, and scarves."

-Stephen Jones

Released in September 2020, the book was written by Dior milliner Stephen Jones himself. It chronicles the house's hats from Monsieur's freelance hat designs in the late 30s, to his famous 1948 New Look, to today's statement headpieces.

Here is a glimpse of the legendary hats designed by the famous French couture house. Many are featured in the book's large glossy pages.

Vintage Dior Hats

Christian Dior giving a presentation on haute couture the Sorbonne University, April 1955.

"The Bar" domed hat with the iconic 1947 Bar jacket, created by Dior himself. On display at the Brooklyn Museum, 2021.

Model in a Dior hat. Venice, June 1951.

Model in a white organdie Dior outfit, 1956.

Model in a Dior sunhat, Spring 1959.

Model wearing kerchief-turban made of brocade-inspired black & gold leather. Fall 1963 fashion show.

Yellow gazar hat; Spring 1965 collection.

Models wearing Diorling hats at the Spring 1970 show in London.

Contemporary Dior Hats

The following hats were designed by modern-day milliner Stephen Jones.

Spring/Summer 2000 haute couture show, Paris.

Model Alek Wek in the haute couture Spring/Summer 2005 show, Paris.

Spring/Summer 2009 Haute Couture, Paris.

Fall/Winter 2018 haute couture, Paris.

Fall/Winter 2018 haute couture, Paris.

June 2022 show in Seville, Spain.

An actress in a Dior hat at the fall/winter 2023-24 haute couture show in Paris.

The book's headwear was featured in the 2022 "Dior Hats" exhibit at the Musee Christian Dior. Located in Normandy, France, the museum is housed by the designer's birthplace.

The book's insider view into Dior's millinery workrooms is fascinating. I especially enjoyed the hat illustrations sketched by Monsieur himself in the late 30s and 40s.

I feel very privileged to have a copy of this in my collection. It is a must for any hat lover in your life.

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