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7 Tips to Look Naturally Pretty Without Hair Showing, Part 1

Updated: May 9

Hair wrap: Kitsch / Robe: Soft Surroundings, similar here

How to look naturally pretty, even without hair showing

With all my hair under wraps, I want to look as vibrant and healthy as possible. Especially since hair covering puts more emphasis on other features: skin, brows, smile, and hands.

Here are seven innovative self-care products that I love and use weekly. A few were recommended by my dermatologist. Try one or all of them to look naturally pretty, awake, and healthy.

1. Lumineux whitening brush

Let's start with a radiant smile. This Lumineux teeth whitening Bright Pen can be used as both a whitener and a repellant before drinking staining beverages. I've been using the strips every other night for a couple of weeks, and my teeth are looking noticeably whiter. This is impressive given that I'm a tea drinker. Both products are free of harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, so they don't cause sensitivity.

2. A glass nail file

This glass nail file glides so, so smoothly. I find it files more quickly than an emery board, and doesn't leave any rough edges. In the video tutorial below I demo how effortlessly it works. Both the glass material and filing in one direction help prevent slitting. I like to keep one in the bathroom, and one in my purse.

3. Lumify eye drops

For vibrantly white, clear eyes that look healthy and awake, I use these Lumify drops. Any redness disappears with just one application. Once per day is all you need. Add one drop to each eye, and blink to distribute. Then use an eyelash curler (I use this one by Tweezerman, since it's affordable and works well). These Refresh gel eye drops live in my purse, in case my eyes need extra hydration throughout the day. Clear eyes and upturned lashes make your whole face look more rested, youthful, and interested.

4. Lip oil in a roller bottle

This glass roller bottle came in a 12-pack from Amazon. I much prefer glass containers over plastic, when possible. Using the included funnel, I filled it with avocado oil to use as a lip treatment. You can also use sunflower seed oil, a key ingredient in high-end lipsticks like Lisa Eldridge's. It's all-natural, and the sheen is magnificent.

5. Mini spatty

My derm recently recommended this brilliant tip: when skincare tubes are almost empty, cut them open! Brilliant. How come I hadn't heard of that sooner? After opening the tube, I then use this tiny kitchen spatula called a Spatty to scoop out every. last. bit.

6. Dermaplaning razors

This brand of dermaplaning razors was recommended by Dr. Sam Ellis, a California-based cosmetic dermatologist. She has a Youtube tutorial showing how to use them to remove unwanted peach fuzz, aka vellus hair, from the lower face. I find the exfoliation process makes my skin feel smoother, and skincare and makeup application easier.

7. Lisa Eldridge Facial Mist

I am a major Lisa Eldridge fan girl. If there were a card, I would carry it. Everything she teaches and formulates is divine. Her foundation, True Velvet lipstick, and lip gloss have been rocking my world for some time. This Skin and Makeup Enhancing Mist is my fourth, and most versatile splurge from her line. The mist's star ingredient, Filmexel, protects your skin from pollution while lifting and tightening. I love that the mist can serve as a primer, setting-spray, and refresher throughout the day.

Natural beauty from the inside out

Along with these tools, taking vitamins helps me maintain stronger nails and fuller lashes. Healthy eating, daily exercise, and getting plenty of sleep have a powerful impact. There is joy in bringing out one's natural beauty and looking like yourself, your best self.

Thank you for reading!

I hope some of these tools and tips transform your sense of well-being as they have mine! Subscribe to the newsletter below for weekly headcovering inspiration.

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