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How to Look Naturally Pretty in a Headcovering, Part 2

Updated: May 9

Natural beauty without hair showing

Hair wrap: Kitsch / Robe: Soft Surroundings, similar here 

Heavy makeup is not my jam. Worn with a headcovering, it looks too theatrical on me. Long faux lashes and a smokey eye look smashing on a woman with dramatic features and a voluptuous figure. But on my average features and slight frame, it's too harsh.

How to look naturally pretty in a headcovering

The following tips and tools minimize the need for concealer, heavy mascara, and thick eyeliner. They help you create an effortless "I just woke up like this" effect. I hope these seven innovations help you look and feel naturally pretty in a headcovering.

1. Ambient Lighting powder

Hourglass ambient lighting powder

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder is magic for your complexion. Like a renaissance painting, you'll appear to glow from within. The finely-milled powder adds subtle luminosity, not a noticeable shimmery highlight.

I apply the color diffused light all over my face with a big fluffy brush by elf. Overall: pricey, but made of magic dust.

2. Zitsticka

Zitsticka skincare patch

Unlike many other brands, these acne patches actually work. No wonder they were recommended by my derm. If you feel a deep zit brewing, clean the spot with the included alcohol wipes, and apply the sticker. Mini prongs, aka 'micro darts' deliver salicylic acid directly where it matters.

After wearing one overnight, I'll notice the would-be troublemaker is mostly gone the next morning. The stickers are clear, so it's not awkward to wear them for errands or the school run.

3. Nail conditioner

Nailtopia spinach nail conditioner

I ditched my former nail conditioner after discovering it contained formaldehyde. No thanks! After doing some research, I tried this Spinach Nail Strengthener by Nailtopia.

It's made of mostly bio-sourced ingredients, which gives me peace of mind. It also gives me dramatically longer, stronger nails. No toxic chemicals; plus no splitting, chipping, or breaking.

4. Powder SPF brush

Isdin mineral brush sunscreen

Another home-run product recommended by my derm: Isdin Cosmeceuticals Mineral Brush SPF 50. It's perfect for reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, without disturbing makeup underneath. It's pricey, but lasts me over a year of daily use.

I've also used this Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 powder sunscreen, which is much more affordable. As I'm sure you know, daily sunscreen use prevents sun damage like brown spots and wrinkles.

5. Clear brow gel

Benefit clear brow gel

Sometimes taming my brows feels like herding cats. Benefit Cosmetics, beloved for their brow products, has gifted humankind with their 24-HR Brow Setter clear gel.

It looks totally natural, and doesn't leave white flakes behind like other brow gels. I find it keeps each hair precisely in place all day long. It also comes in a smaller travel size.

6. Mineral lip SPF

Cotz lip sunscreen

Last summer, I spent an excessive amount of time searching for a mineral lip SPF that didn't leave a white cast. The chemical formulas are clear and smoother, but I can't tolerate them.

This lightly tinted SPF 45 lip balm by CoTZ has a flattering, neutral-tawny tint. For hydration and sheen, I sandwich a layer of it between clear Chapstick and Hydro Boost lip gloss.

7. Copper Iluminage pillowcase and Your Face Pillow

Luminage copper pillowcase on a Your Face pillow

This pillowcase by iluminage was yet another recommendation from my derm. I've been using it for years. The copper-infused fabric was first used inside military boots, and was found to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

I use the pillowcase on a YourFacePillow. Its two side bolsters keep your head upright, which make back sleeping easier. No more smushing wrinkles in your cheeks and chest, so you really can get your beauty sleep. These two are a splurge; but for your health, and so worth it.

Beautiful skin from within

When wearing headcoverings, you'll want to keep your skin looking plump and hydrated. Think of a daily skincare routine as a vitamin infusion for your skin.

Drinking lots of water instead of sugary drinks also has visible effects. The endorphins from exercise make you literally glow from within. If you're pressed for time, try 'yoga in bed' upon waking or before sleeping.

These innovative tips and tools have transformed my sense of wellness, and I hope they uplift yours.

Thank you for reading!

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