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Sparkly Modest Outfit for a Festive Evening In

Updated: May 12

modest evening outfit with pearl earrings

modest eveing outfit with gold shimmer

Scarf: Amazon / Earrings: Etsy / Brooch: Amazon / Dress: Vita Grace / Cropped cardigan: Premise, similar here & here

When you can't make it out, make a festive night in! Light up the fireplace, pour a sparkly drink, and put on a cozy yet fabulous outfit.

And I mean fabulous. Pull out all the stops. The theme for this modest evening outfit is gold, as it represents prosperity and royalty.

The headscarf

The shimmery headwrap is a smooth, pashmina-style scarf from Amazon. Its pale gold tones match seamlessly with the metallic brocade on the dress.

The scarf also coordinates with the Gewurztraminer in my Pottery Barn melamine wine glass. Very important, ladies.

Consistent with some of the Amazon reviews, this scarf did come with some irregular open-weave spots. I was able to fill in most by rubbing gently with a fingernail. A couple others were bound to happen for me anyway from regular wear, and they're only visible up close.

This Calvin Klein metallic evening wrap and this Fraas metallic gold scarf are higher-quality alternatives. Both have ideal dimensions for tying as a head scarf.

modest outfit and gold shimmer headscarf

Scarf: Amazon 

Shaping & embellishing the headwear

I'm wearing my favorite head shaper underneath the scarf for effortless volume. All those years I spent trying to get my hair bun just the right height, size, and shape are over.

Of the pins in my scarf-embellishing stash, this leaf-shaped brooch made the cut. The pale gold tone coordinates with the sparkle in the scarf and the bolero... and the wine.

Which, by the way, I did not actually drink. I had to drive my daughter to an ice skating party.

dancing in a gold shimmer headscarf

The Modest Evening Outfit

The gold brocade maxi dress is from Dubai-based fashion line Vita Grace. I appreciate the frock's breathable fabrics: rayon outside, 100% cotton lining. I've layered it over a reversible slip dress from Linear Collection to build up the neckline.

The metallic crop cardigan is by Premise. Instead of knotting its front corners, I've secured them with small rubber bands found in kids' jewelry-making kits. A small, clear hair elastic would be just as discreet.

gold brocade modest dresses for evening

Gold bracelet: Miabella on Amazon

The jewelry

The pearl cluster earrings are from Tissage, an Etsy shop I've loved for many years. The gold rope chain bracelet is by Miabella from Amazon.

The pearl bracelets are from my grandmother, and you can find a similar set here. I made the multi-stand gold necklace with glass seed beads from Fire Mountain Gems.

The footwear

Since this look is for a night in, I'm wearing my favorite gold leather Vionic slides (similar here and here). I wear these around the house daily. The arch support is unparalleled.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, "Life is a party. Dress for it." Wishing you a dazzling night in!

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