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Modest Eveningwear Edit: Navy Burnout Velvet

For enchanting modest formalwear, look no further than burnout fabric in a deep jewel tone. This rayon-nylon rectangular scarf from Macy's has a satin-like mercerized print on a sheer chiffon background. The rich shade of sapphire is divine.

At 72"x21" inches, it is an ideal size for a headscarf. I love it for dinner parties and holiday fetes. In the photos above and video below, I've tied the scarf over a black cotton layering cap for fullness and opacity.

I've styled the scarf with navy a midnight navy burnout velvet jacket I sewed using this pattern. The navy dress underneath is from Boden, and you can find a similar one here (it got mixed reviews, but seemed to work well for some women).

Wishing you many enjoyable, rejuvenating evenings. Discover more modest formalwear by subscribing to the newsletter below. Thank you for stopping by!

Black undercap: Amazon

Cocktail ring: Swarovski

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