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4 Steps to Headwrapping an Infinity Scarf

Updated: Feb 19

Scarf: Amazon 

If you've ever seen a gorgeous infinity scarf, but weren't sure if you could wear it as a headwrap, this tutorial is for you.

I recently found this lightweight, uber-affordable infinity scarf, and couldn't resist the contrasting pops of fuchsia and golden marigold.

The neutral black background makes it a versatile complement to so many outfits.

As usual, my headscarf look starts with a grip headband and an undercap for soft structure. While I have numerous layering caps in my stash, I've chosen this one for its light padding in the back.

4 Steps to Headwrapping an Infinity Scarf

1. Place the scarf's folded edge at the top of your forehead.

2. Cross the tails once at the nape of your neck.

3. Cross the tails once at the top of your head.

4. Twist the excess fabric together at the nape of your neck, and tuck underneath.

You can also wrap just one tail over your head, as shown above. Then secure the remaining length behind one ear. I often use these clear elastic hair ties.

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