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2 Quick Steps to Elevate Your Beret

Updated: Mar 27

Flower brooch: similar here / Pearl cluster earrings: Etsy / Both berets: crocheted by me

Classic film stars knew the effect that jewelry has on headwear. The upgrade is instant, and suitable for day or night. Even with minimal makeup and today's casual t-shirt dresses, the impact is strong.

Together, drop earrings and a brooch make a pair that effortlessly embellishes your beret.

Some may consider brooches outdated; I say they're timeless. And perhaps even unexpected. To keep the jewelry ensemble contemporary, you may choose to skip wearing a necklace. You can also create a modern aesthetic by mixing metals.

The following brooch and earring combinations exude glamour with their coordinating opalescent pearls, faceted crystals, and colored stones. Click to explore.

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