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Three Steps to Shape a Beret

Updated: Mar 27

Make your berets just the right size and shape for you with these three simple steps. They'll work best on hats made of natural fibers, like wool and cotton.

The turquoise beret in the video tutorial below was previously featured in this post, styled with a matching dress and topaz jewelry.

Three Easy Steps

  1. First, use a handheld steamer to soften the crease for a smoother silhouette.

  2. Then stretch the opening get the right fit.

  3. Last, put on the beret, arrange it in your desired shape, and let it cool before taking it off.

The video tutorial

In the video above, I used a Reliable handheld steamer. I prefer its professional quality for my numerous sewing projects. For lighter use, this Beautural steamer is more affordable and got stellar reviews.

If you want to remove the beret's cabillou, or stem, carefully trim it down with sharp scissors. I removed the stem off this floral beret using tailor-point Kai scissors, again from my sewing room. They are sharp all the way to the tip. I then used tweezers to remove leftover threads.

"Without hats there is no civilization." This reflection from esteemed milliner Christian Dior appeared in his 1954 Little Dictionary of Fashion. It is just as true today. May you wear all of your hats with confidence and poise.

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