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Tastemaker: Musician & Artist Gina R

Updated: Feb 6

I'm thrilled to share with you an illuminating interview with artist and musician Gina R of Atlanta, Georgia. She's a very hip style-maker whose artistic approach to modest fashion always looks effortless.

How does your art inspire your headwear?

"I'm a painter, and my focus is on ways to use color and line in a painting. Wrapping a headscarf can be like creating a piece of artwork; it is all about the way you choose to manipulate the medium.

There is a point in the painting process when you know you're finished, and with wrapping a headscarf it's the same thing. You keep messing with it and trying different things until it's just right."

How do you coordinate accessories with your headscarf?

"It all depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing. For an afternoon of shopping or museum-hopping, I like to keep it casual.

A printed, brightly colored headscarf worn with giant sunglasses and a dangly necklace is a great way to bring interest to something basic like denim and a t-shirt. If it's chilly I might add my faux leather biker jacket to edge out the look.

What I've found is that a carefully-tied headscarf has the potential to elevate a trendy outfit into something unexpected."

How does music inspire your headwear?

"Music is really my thing when it comes to getting dressed. Whereas art can be about expressing the inner self, musical performance is so much about the outer self, and that's where headscarves and accessories come into play.

I noticed that I really got into wearing headscarves when I started taking drum lessons. Something about creating a look to go with the music really appealed to me. Plus, it was nice to have my hair out of my face."

How do the cities and neighborhoods where you've lived influence your scarf style?

"At the moment I live in a really suburban-style neighborhood, and I love it. I love the domesticity. I did the whole edgy New York thing for a while, but it got old.

What I loved about living in any part of New York is that there is this freedom to wear anything you want. It's the fashion capital of the world. Go crazy, pile on the scarves!"

Thank you so much Gina!


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