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Eva B: Headwrapping Goddess

Updated: Feb 2

I'm so excited to bring you this interview with legendary scarf-wearer Eva B of New York, NY. Here she answers some of your most-asked questions about making your headwear look ultra-chic.

1. How do you adapt your headscarf to the season and weather?

"I try to get thicker scarves with deeper colors for the winter. I also tie them more securely so that they are closer to my hair and they wont come off if I put a hood over them.

In the spring, I start pulling out the flowery scarves, and in the summer, I usually keep the material very light. I like dressing for fall the most.

I love the fall colors I have in my collection, so as soon as it starts getting cold, I pull them out and balance the rich colors with oranges, purples, browns, and greens in my outfit."

2. What role does your scarf play in your outfit planning?

"Sometimes I put on a scarf first, before choosing what else to wear. If I'm really in the mood for a certain scarf, I'll build the rest of the outfit around it.

When I'm wearing a very colorful scarf, like my dressy ones, I might just spend a lot of time getting the scarf right, then wear all black to balance the color and make it stand out at the same time."

3. How do you coordinate your accessories (earrings, necklace, sunglasses, bracelets, etc) with your headscarf?

"I usually use accessories as a way to accentuate the scarf, or tone it down depending on the situation. Still, I find that accessories are sometimes overkill when I'm wearing a busy scarf.

Wearing larger earrings with a big scarf is a great look. For more subtle scarves, I wear plain earrings.

I find that I usually have to plan around a necklace if I chose to wear one. I can't just stick it on at the end because it makes the whole look too busy.

If I'm wearing a necklace, I'll wear a scarf with only one color so that the visual focus can be more on the necklace."

4. Any tips for coordinating your makeup with your headscarf?

"I feel like makeup is a bit of a necessity with a lot of scarves. I typically don't wear a lot of it, but it's easy to look washed out when you wear a scarf without some color on your face.

Most days I just wear lip and cheek stain, a little neutral/brown eye shadow, and mascara. It's enough to make my face look more alive and not overshadowed by the scarf."

Here's a video tutorial on the scarf look Eva is wearing in the photo above.

Many thanks to Eva for sharing her style secrets with us!


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