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11 Edwardian Accessories for Everyday Outfits

Edwardian fashion was opulent.

Also known as the Belle Epoque, the first decade or so of the 20th century was known for flamboyant and feminine details.

Ladies decked themselves in eyelets, lace, embroidery, and ruffles.

Edwardian accessories for modern outfits

Here are eleven Edwardian accessories you can wear with a modern outfit, without turning it into a costume.

Let's rummage through the wooden trunks in great-grandma's sun-streaked attic. Shall we?

1 A hand fan

Even with air conditioning, a hand fan is still useful in hot weather.

These fans are made of sandalwood, and fold up to fit in your purse.

2 A cameo brooch

Antique cameos were made of shell, agate, and coral. While they often featured faces, flowers were popular too.

The gray and white cameo above was from Michael's. I stitched it directly onto a pintuck Ann Taylor blouse for a costume party.

For a cameo that can be worn as both a necklace and a pin, consider this whimsical gold-toned piece.

3 Heart locket necklace

Lockets were popular in this era to hold snippets of hair and pictures of loved ones.

This locket necklace comes in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold in two different shapes.

4 Ornate earrings and necklace set

Belle epoque ladies favored dangle earrings and matching long necklaces. They loved rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. And so do we.

2028 Jewelry (part of the 1928 Jewelry Company) designs modernized versions of these antique styles, like these faux pearl drop earrings.

This blue crystal pendant necklace by Sorelli reminds me a bit of the Heart of the Sea necklace from the Titanic movie.

5 A lacy parasol

For the bold among us! This lacy parasol makes a big splash, and comes in seven colors.

It's almost as fabulous as Eliza Doolittle's in My Fair Lady.

If you prefer a contemporary look (and actual sun protection), this sun umbrella features a solid UPF50+ fabric and a modern floral print.

6 An antique hand mirror

An ornate metal hand mirror will make you feel like the belle of the ball.

This antique-style hand mirror folds to become a stand mirror. It comes in gold, silver, and pink.

7 A filigree brooch

Edwardian women loved lacy flourishes not only in their teagowns, but in their jewelry too.

Like the brooch above, this filigree pin has intricate scrolls. Its silver tone mimics the platinum jewelry popular in this era.

Turn-of-the-century fashion plates depicted these delicate pieces fastened to necklines. For a modern twist, you can pin them to your hair or on a beret.

8 Ivory gloves

I wear vintage faux kidskin gloves daily in the summer when driving, and even when walking around the neighborhood.

Similar in style, these lace-edged gloves are touchscreen sensitive. They even have silicone dots on the underside for grip while driving.

9 Heeled Mary Janes

These Capezio shoes emulate the straps and curved French heels popular in the Edwardian era.

They come in beige, black, and white. The t-strap style here is stunning.

10 A wide waistband sash

Belle Epoque outfits often featured a solid-colored, wide sash around waistband. I love this lace sash, picked up from a thrift store years ago.

Often women of the era wore satin sashes at the waist, like these wide sash belts. They come in over a dozen colors.

The striking burgundy colorway reminds me of Leslie Moore from Anne of Green Gables.

11 A cast iron hat stand

While this hat stand not an accessory for you, it is a useful one for your closet.

It's crafted of metal with a cast iron base. Both the height and the tilt are adjustable.

You can find a more contemporary version of this antique hat stand here.

Woman in Edwardian outfit with white accessories

Thank you for reading!

Wishing you grace, loveliness, and romance.

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