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How to Wear Tie-Dye as a Serious Adult

Updated: May 10

Scarf: The Scarf Bar / Earrings: Pavoi

Yesterday I woke up wondering if I'm too old for tie-dye.

Not just to supervise the process at kid birthday parties, but to actually wear it.

Well, here I am in a tie-dye t-shirt. It's by British label COS, and was passed along to me by a young newlywed who wanted a wardrobe refresh. Read: more grown-up clothes.

Age be damned, I've embraced and amplified the color blending with an ombre headscarf. Ombre is not quite tie-dye, but it's in the family. Perhaps a cousin.

How to wear tie-dye as a grown-up woman

Keep reading to discover 3 fresh ways to wear tie-dye as a mature adult. Let's start with the styling video.

1. Add leather accessories

Scarf: The Scarf Bar / Bag: Kate Spade, similar here / Boots: Naturalizer

Leather accessories say mature adult.

These leather knee-high boots by Naturalizer are available in regular, wide, and narrow (!!) calf sizes.

This roomy Kate Spade satchel has the look and feel of a briefcase. Its structured shape says, "I have important papers."

2. Pull a solid color

Duster cardigan: Amazon / Wedges: Easy Spirit, similar here

I've pulled the t-shirt's green tone into a solid-colored duster cardigan.

Adding solid colored layers to the outfit balances out the busy tie-dye rainbow.

3. Neutralize with navy

Duster cardigan: Amazon / Belt: handmade, similar here / Shoes: Vionic, similar here

If tie-dye is a free-spirited teenager, navy is its serious adult sister.

Here I've belted a long navy cardigan over the tee, which gives the tie-dye a supporting rather than starring role in the ensemble.

The navy Vionic flats are sensible and sedate. You can find a similar pair here.

The skirt

Is there any better garment to pair with a tie-dye tee than a denim skirt? I've chosen a grown-up pencil silhouette.

While I made this skirt years ago with cotton-spandex from Mood Fabrics, you can find similar skirt here.

The jewelry

These snag-free hoop earrings are plated with 14k white gold.

I love that they don't have any metal prongs jutting out. I prefer to keep my delicate headwear safe from damage.

Their silver tone cools down the warm colors in the tie-dye tee. Their sober size says yes, I am indeed a serious adult. But the cubic zirconia dangles have a hint of playfulness...

Thank you for reading

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