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The 1-Minute Rope Tail Wrap

Updated: May 31

What can you get with a pashmina and one precious morning minute?

This fabulous headscarf style. Best part: no hair is needed.

Watch the 1-minute video tutorial below. Then find details and links for the garden-inspired modest outfit.

The video tutorial

Ready to make this look work for you? Let's jump in.

The scarf

Scarf / Dress (sizes S-XL)

This look was inspired by the twining vines that grow in my garden. Isn't nature is the ultimate muse?

The gold scarf I'm wearing has a subtle metallic shimmer. It quietly emulates the glisten of morning dew.

The underlayers

In the photos and video, I'm wearing a nylon stocking cap underneath the scarf.

If you love fullness at the back of your headscarf, consider wearing a volumizing undercap. The two pictured below are my favorites.

The floral pin

This ivory camellia-shaped flower pin would look flattering placed between the rope tails.

It's made of matte satin, and has both a clip and pin mechanism underneath. It comes in 8 other colors.

The following three pins would also look smashing. The fabric ones come in a handful of other colors.

The modest outfit

Although the color is listed as 'apricot,' this dress has a soft ivory tone. It echos the quiet color of gardenias.

It's made of a lightweight chiffon, and has three flattering tiers of delicate pleats. The elastic waist and sleeve hems make it extra comfortable to wear.

The dress comes in 12 other colors, including khaki and deep emerald. I especially love the soft pink for a bridal or baby shower.

The underlayers

Nylon-lycra tee: Misses and plus / 32" ivory slip: Beautelicate on Amazon 

Since the sleeves are unlined, I layered with a nylon-lycra layering tee. In hot weather, I would reach for my trusty cotton t-shirt shell (sizes S-2X), which is more breathable.

If you'd like to add volume under the skirt, this 100% cotton petticoat slip above would be just right shape.

The shoes and bag

Bag: Humble Chic / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Dress: Amazon

Flatter the scarf's warm beige tones with coordinating (faux) leather accessories.

I wear this bag daily in the warmer seasons. It has both a wrist strap and a crossbody strap.

The bag has three main compartments, pus slots for cards and ID. It comes in fifteen other solid colors, plus a fun leopard print. Please tell my husband I'd like the gunmetal bronze for my upcoming birthday.

Finish the ensemble with a pair of neutral leather pumps. Now you're garden-ready, no matter the season.

Thank you for reading!

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