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No-Sew Neckline Add-Ons, Part 2

Updated: Jun 2

Faux cami: In Secret / Dress: Soft Surroundings / Earrings: Etsy / Headscarf: Amazon

"Good morning, this is your neckline calling. I need a raise. Pronto."

In part 1 of this neckline series, we wielded a needle and elastic cord to raise a round neckline.

Here in part 2, we're tackling V-necklines. And there's no need for sewing!

Keep reading to discover five neckline add-ons that are quick, comfortable, and chic.

Ready to begin? Let's start with a 2-minute styling video.

Scroll for details and links to the add-ons featured in the video. They're all affordable, size-inclusive, and easy.

1. In Secret panels

Faux camisoles: In Secret, size 3X

These faux-camisoles are so clever! They're made of soft, breathable cotton jersey, with a sheer lace overlay.

They are designed to be worn lower on the chest, with the adjustable elastic positioned below your underarms.

Since I like higher necklace coverage, I prefer to remove the elastic, then safety pin the cami's corners to my bra straps. These tiny safety pins work great.

The faux camis come in pairs of black and white, in different shapes and sizes.

Pictured on the mannequin above are the 3XL size. I like that I can wear them under very open and deep necklines, especially under wrap dresses.

2. TeeNeck jersey dickeys

TeeNeck dickey: Kosher Casual

Another clever winner! This jersey-knit t-shirt dickey comes in 12 solid, useful colors. The rayon-spandex fabric is lightweight and breathable.

If you're adding to an even lower neckline, consider this sleeveless crop-top tee. It comes in 16 different colors, in sizes 2-24.

Crop top shell: Kosher Casual

3. Sweater-knit collars

Knit collar: Amazon

This collar is comfortable in chilly weather. You can button it closed in different ways, depending on the neckline coverage you'd like.

The collar comes in eight other solid colors, like dusty pink and soft gray. I love that the beige colorway blends with my skin tone, and matches many outfits.

4. Collared dickeys

Black dickey with faux pearls and rhinestones

Perhaps you are a teacher, librarian, or Wall Street mogul? Half shirt dickeys are perfect for academic and business settings.

The jewel-embellished dickey is perfect for an evening out.

5. Silk handkerchiefs

Silk scarf: Amazon / Dress: Soft Surroundings

This last look is classic. There are so many ways to fill in a neckline with a square handkerchief or rectangular sash.

I have two of these mulberry silk scarves, and they are a delight. At 22"x22", they're perfectly sized for necklines.

The video at the top of this page will show you how to tie these neckerchief styles.

Silk scarf: Amazon (brick red in person)

These silk squares come in thirty other colors and prints. Bonus: they're all under twenty dollars, ship quickly, and work well as headcoverings.

Thank you for reading!

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