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10 Essential Underlayers for Modest Outfits

Updated: 3 days ago

Underlayers are silent magic makers. They do not bask in the spotlight, nor win any awards. Instead, they are hardworking, unsung heroes. (Just like many of you).

Gals who wear modest outfits need thoughtfully designed underlayers.

Scroll for 10 essential undergarments for the modest woman's wardrobe.

10 Essential Underlayers for Modest Outfits

1. Slip shorts

Beige culottes here / Black culottes here

Leave the house without a pair of these slip shorts underneath a skirt or dress? No, thanks. These shorts give security when getting in and out of the car, going up steps, and crouching to care for small children.

I love that this brand gives you the option of trimming the hem to your desired length. No sewing skills required.

2. Underarm shields

Underarm vest: Kleinert's; similar here

When modest gals wear sleeves in the summer heat, it gets hot!

The solution: wearing a crop top that has absorbent, anti-microbial fabric shields stitched to the underarm area.

They keep your dress or top feeling (and looking) fresh. They also prevent sweat from damaging the garment's fibers.

You can also order underarm shields by themselves. They fasten inside your garment with small, attached safety pins.

Cropped t-shirts: Target

If these shields don't work for you, consider short-sleeve, cropped t-shirts. They're less absorbent, but still protect your fine garments.

I like these cotton-blend t-shirts from Target (pictured above). For slightly longer sleeves, consider these cropped tees.

3. Linear flip slip

These slips are a brilliant innovation for modest outfits. They are made of a smooth, non-clingy polyester-spandex blend. They drapes smoothly and feel silky.

I love that the sleeveless slips are reversible from front to back. Simply flip for a higher or lower neckline.

You can choose between midi and maxi lengths, with sleeves and without. Bonus: they are designed and made in the USA.

4. A petticoat slip

100% cotton petticoat: Beautelicate, ivory 30" long

100% cotton eyelet petticoat: Amazon

This eyelet-hem petticoat slip is 100% cotton. It comes in black, white, and ivory, in 3 different lengths. They're so cute, it's tempting to wear them on their own.

Black petticoat here / White petticoat here / 2-pack here

These two nylon petticoats measure about 24" long from waistband to hem. You can position the stretch waist panel higher or lower to suit your outfit.

For less volume, cut off the top layer of organza.

5. Spanx arm tights

Arm tights by Spanx

'Arm tights' are one of my favorite ways to add sleeves to an outfit.

These Spanx crop tops are made of the same seamless microfiber as the tights you wear under skirts. They are opaque, and come in a handful of fun, solid colors.

6. A full slip

Black slip here / Beige slip here

These lacy full slips remind me of the lovely undergarments worn in simpler times.

Both the biege and black slips above are made by Jones New York. I replaced the slips' adjustable straps with this elastic lace ribbon. The slip measures about 38" long.

7. Lace-waistband half slip

Similar slips here

Who doesn't want to flatter their midsection? These stretchy lace waistbands lay flat for a smooth silhouette.

You can find slips similar to the ones pictured above here and here.

8. Fitted layering shells

Long sleeve tan shell here

Similar sleeveless black shell here / Similar cropped shell here / Similar sleeveless beige shell here

These tight-fitting shells are designed to be worn underneath other tops. They are often made of cotton or modal blended with generous amounts of spandex.

You can find 3/4-sleeve cotton-spandex shells here in over two dozen colors.

I especially love cropped shells for maternity and warmer weather. These even have a turtleneck. If you don't want sleeves, you can can carefully cut them off.

9. Cotton-modal tank tops

T-shirt: Target, similar here

Cotton-modal knitwear is a dream. It's smooth yet soft.

I cut the long sleeves off the above t-shirt. I often wear it underneath this cotton-modal longline cardigan.

The cotton-modal tank top here comes in sizes XS-4X, and several solid colors.

10. Blouse shells

Shell: Soft Surroundings, similar here

Elegant, jewel-neck blouses are meant to be seen.

This drapey shell is from Soft Surroundings, one of my favorite websites for classy (and machine-washable) attire.

You can find similar sleeveless blouses here and here.

Thank you for reading

I hope these ideas enhance your everyday life as a classy gal. May you find joy in every modest outfit you wear.

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