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How to Finesse a Vintage-Inspired Beret

Updated: Mar 27

Neck scarf:  Amazon 

Be prepared for lots of compliments when you wear this floral beret from San Diego Hat Co. The structured, heavyweight wool gives major vintage vibes, and I don't want to take it off.

The floral applique adds dimension and lift. Beautifully etched, the woolen leaves have subtle details.

I've styled the beret with this floral infinity scarf around my neck, a merino wool cardigan from Boden, and a denim pencil skirt I sewed.

I'm wearing the beret in the color 'mink', which is halfway between plum and brown. After taking these photos, I carefully cut off le cabillou, the stem at the center of the beret.

I might attach a matching fabric-covered button, as removing it left a noticeable void. I recommend leaving the cabillou in place for authentic French flair.

I also arranged the beret by smoothing down the top crease, and folding the beret's edge under twice at the nape of the neck. In the video above, I am wearing a velvet grip headband and cotton layering cap underneath.

Continue the retro theme with a vintage approach to jewelry: the matching set. This Swarovski necklace-earring set is made with rose gold and crystals.

To finish this accessories ensemble, slip on the cashmere-lined leather gloves that echo the brown tones of the hat.

It takes backbone to be yourself. May you have the courage to be authentically you. Cherish the joy that follows.

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