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Shaping a Reversible Beret

Updated: Mar 27

Beret: Amazon

Beret: Amazon / Earrings: Amazon Collection

Whenever there's a crisp breeze in the air, I only want to wear cozy textures.

Enter this cashmere-blend beret with a smooth, luxurious feel. This reversible hat is a neutral-to-cool-toned mink brown, which is a flattering color for most complexions.

The plaid-like geometric print has a hint of 'light academia' style. On the inner layer, the print is a smaller scale (shown in second photo above).

In the above video, I'm wearing a velvet headband for slip-proofing, and a cotton layering cap underneath for added fullness.

To create a flattering silhouette at the nape of the neck, fold the beret's bottom edge under twice.

Match the beret's ivory print with the oatmeal heather of this Treasure & Bond midi sweater dress. The 45" length is generous, and the chunky rayon-blend cable stitches make it comfortable for lounging.

Continue the theme of soft, smooth texture with this brown Italian leather crossbody bag, and seude Vionic booties with cushy arch support.

Edgy curved post earrings and layered rose gold necklaces (crystal pendant, fireball pendant, and rope link chain) are a delicate way to ensure the look stays youthful. The rose-gold and crystal ring ties the warm metal ensemble together.

My go-to lippie is Neutrogena Hydro Boost lip shine, which lives in my purse. The shade pictured above is almond nude. I love the cushiony feel and flattering sheen. What better way to finish a look of pleasing textures?

I hope you know how much it matters that

you have not given up.

Even though you hold

persistent fears

that you are not good enough.

You have given your all

with courage.

You have learned to rest and trust.

Your story is lined with healing and hope.

Oh, what light stirs to life

from the dust!

Thank you for reading!

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