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Is Navy a Neutral?

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Spoiler alert: I say yes, navy is a neutral. It's perfect for occasions when black is too dramatic, and brown is doesn't fit the bill. Neutral I say! You can wear it with matching dark blue accessories, as well as black ones.

Speaking of bills, this newsboy cap has a feminine bill that's firm yet flexible. I don't care for large, stiff brims on newsboys. I find they look too masculine, especially with no hair showing. This cap is a ladylike shade of deep midnight blue, and the outer fabric and lining are 100% cotton, which I appreciate.

To keep my hairline tidy, I'm wearing a black headband and nylon stocking cap underneath the hat. If you have a small headsize, you might consider these cotton-spandex undercaps for reigning in stray hair and adding fullness to the crown. My head size is an average 21.5" around my hairline (22.5" when measuring over my ears), and the cap fits comfortably.

I've styled the cap with a matching navy cotton-blend duster cardigan, and a belt I sewed with foldover elastic. I made the necklace with navy glass seed beads from Fire Mountain Gems, and you can find a similar one here.

I hope everything falls into place for you today. Thank you for being here. Sign up for the newsletter below for a weekly hat party delivered straight to your inbox!

Newsboy cap: Amazon

Cotton headbands: Amazon

Dress: Amazon Essentials, smokey gray

Necklace: Similar

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