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3 Ways to Wrap a Blanket Scarf as a Head Wrap

Updated: May 12

Woman in blanket scarf head wrap

Brooch: Amazon / Scarf: similar here / Cardigan: Amazon / Bag: Amazon / Dress: Target / Wedges: Vionic Aruba Calypso, similar here

In the winter, we want to be cozy.

Long fuzzy hooded coats, oversize sherpa hoodies, and teddy bear jackets. Let's admit it. We're basically wearing blankets.

You can even wear a blanket on your head. Yes, a blanket scarf.

Scroll down for tips on making them comfortable and preventing headaches. You'll also find modest outfit ideas that continue the cozy theme.

How to wrap a blanket scarf head wrap

The 1-minute video below shows 3 ways to wrap a large scarf.

4 pro tips to prevent headaches

Follow these four pro tips to minimize pressure on your head.

  1. Wrap only one tail over your head. This is shown in technique #1. Let the other tail drape down your shoulders.

  2. When you wrap the tail over your head, spread out the fabric. Lay it from just behind your hairline to further back on your head. This way the weight is evenly distributed.

  3. If you wrap technique #3, wear a velvet grip headband underneath. This prevents the scarf's weight from pulling backwards throughout the day.

  4. Placing the initial front edge lower on your forehead. This anchors the head wrap for all-day wear.

The scarf & the underlayers

Woman in blanket scarf head wrap with brooch

Scarf: similar here / Earrings: Amazon Collection / Brooch: Amazon / Cardigan: Amazon

The scarf I'm wearing measures a whopping 35"x101". It has a soft flannel texture and fringed edges.

You can find a similar blanket scarf here.

Underneath, I'm wearing this velvet grip headband and a pleated volumizer cap.

The modest outfit

Modest outfit with head wrap

Dress: Target / Bolero: Amazon / Bag: Humble Chic / Flats: Vionic

This rib knit dress in 'heather cream' has a soft, fuzzy texture. It has a slim silhouette, yet allows for a comfortable stride. I ordered two sizes up for a roomier fit around the hips.

Since the dress is sleeveless, I've layered with this lightweight sweater knit cropped cardigan. You can find other versions here, and in the Macy's sweater department here.

Add a cozy trench

Woman wearing head wrap with wool coat

Coat: Gentle Herd, similar here / Earrings: Amazon Collection / Shoes: Vionic

This wool trench by Gentle Herd feels like a cozy blanket. The self-belt allows you to wrap yourself up.

You can find a similar belted wool trench here.

Thank you for reading!

Wishing you comfort and coziness, no matter the season.

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