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How to Make a Turban Hat Look Chic

Updated: May 12

Hat: Headcovers / Brooch: Amazon / Volumizer Cap: Cardani / Neck Scarf: Amazon / Coatigan: Amazon

How to make a turban hat look chic

Turban-hats create my favorite headwear silhouette.

They are a quick and easy way to channel Grace Kelly's elegant glamour (which you can read all about here).

To make wearing this hat even more delightful, I've styled it with a silver feather brooch and tasseled leaf-print scarf.

This pleats on this chic turban hat give you the effect of a hand-draped headwrap. It's made of smooth organic cotton ponte knit, and the pleats are stitched into place.

The styling video

The underlayers

In the photos, I've styled the hat over a lightly-padded volumizer cap for fullness in the back.

In the video above, I've styled the hat over a velvet grip headband and cotton singe-layer jersey undercap. The headband has an adjustable slider and keeps all manner of headwear from budging.

I prefer soft, subtle volume. Both the padded volumizer and single-layer undercap do the job comfortably.

Turban: Headcovers / Dress: Target / Coatigan: Amazon / Heels: Calvin Klein / Belt: similar here

Finish the look with black oval shades and a cozy rayon-blend coatigan.

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