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Tying a Colorful Square Scarf

I'm finding this 100% cotton printed square scarf to be versatile for day or night, heat or cold. At 38"x38", it's generously sized yet still easy to tie. The paisley print features a happy melange of green, pink, marigold, and periwinkle.

I've tied the scarf over a black cotton-spandex layering cap. For soft fullness in the back, I positioned the cap's front edge about 1.5" behind my hairline. A velvet grip headband invisibly keeps everything in place.

The scarf had felt a bit stiff and crisp when I first pulled it out of the bag, so I washed it alone in cold water with a color catcher. Then I steamed it, which softened the texture considerably. I can see myself wearing it in the Twist Bun technique, or with the tails peeking out underneath a beret, like here.

I've styled the scarf with a black linen Calvin Klein button-down blouse, and a denim skirt I sewed a few years ago. I also made the glass teardrop earrings and green mother-of-pearl multi-strand necklace. Here are some similar pieces that would look great with this scarf.

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Scarf: Amazon

Velvet grip headband: Amazon

Cotton undercap: Amazon

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