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Melissa's Ingenious Scarf Storage

Updated: May 10

As a busy wife, mother, and renaissance woman, seasoned scarf-wearer Melissa G. keeps her headwear collection organized and accessible.

I love that she not only ran a half-marathon for charity, but completed it in a skirt and (moisture-wicking) beret. Here she shares her brilliant storage strategy, as well her approach to choosing the right headscarf and mixing it with other accessories.

Tell us about your ingenious scarf organization.

"I have a scarf cabinet. I think it is meant to be a laundry chute, but it has a front cabinet door, too.

Since it flips open from above, the ones I wear tend to fall to the back, ensuring I rotate through them regularly. Above the cabinet is a shelf where I keep my hats and snoods."

How do your surroundings influence your choice of headwear?

"It depends on the season. In the colder months I am more apt to wear a snood, which can be easily swapped out with a warm hat in the snow.

Meanwhile, in the summer months when I want to make sure all my hair is up and stashed away well, I'll wear a lightweight, pretty scarf.

I also tend to shift my choices based on what environment I'll be in, such as a more religious or totally secular setting, to make it a more comfortable experience for everyone involved."

How do you coordinate your accessories with your headscarf?

"I think that coordination of accessories, including my scarf, is essential! If everything looks as though it blends together, I feel more confident and comfortable as I set about my day.

Whether it's a simple bun day with earrings to run errands, or a sparkly necklace and colorful Urban Wrap for a night out, finding the right combination is a must."

How does your scarf fit into your outfit planning?

"I often plan my entire outfit around my scarf. Some days I know which specific scarf fits my mood. Other days it's a style of wrap I want to wear. Sometimes it may simply be the color palette I'm looking for.

The right scarf can make or break my day more than anything else I wear, even shoes, and that's saying something!"

Thank you so much, Melissa!


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