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I Love Lacy

Updated: Nov 22

I recently finished crocheting this lacy beret, and the fit and design details are thrilling! It took just one skein of Variations DK in the color Burnt Amber. If you crochet, the design is based on the mandala featured on the cover of Modern Crochet Mandalas.

A solid brown scarf adds fullness in the back, and coverage under the eyelets. As for making another hat, I have my eye on the colorway evening Amazonite, a vibrant teal blue.

The hat is pictured with my favorite earrings: pear-cut Swarovski Millenia Drop earrings in yellow. They exude pure class and are light reflective, with sturdy settings for the crystals.

When wearing a hat or headscarf with red-amber and rust tones, apply lip color in deep coordinating reds. L'Oreal Colour Riche Satin lipstick in 'blazing lava' is a saturated warm red with subtle shimmer. Top it off with NYX Butter Gloss in 'rocky road'. It's non-sticky and has a pleasant aroma. A single swipe of Revlon Ultra HD Snap polish in 'red and real' adds shine to your nails.

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Yarn: Laurel Hill

Book: Amazon

Earrings: Nordstrom

Lipstick: Amazon

Lipgloss: Amazon

Nail polish: Amazon

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