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4 Ways to Tie a Headscarf Under a Beret

Updated: May 23

A green cotton scarf under a teal wool beret.

Beret: San Diego Hat Co / Scarf: Amazon /

Earrings: Amazon Collection / Duster Sweater: Amazon Essentials

Beret: Amazon, 'plaid coffee' / Scarf: Amazon, 'khaki' / Earrings: Amazon Collection

A pink cotton beret over a black square headscarf.

Beret: Parkhurst, 'orchid purple' / Scarf: Amazon, 'night paisley' /

Earrings: similar / Green cardigan: Amazon Essentials

A narrow lace scarf under a green crochet beret.

Beret: handmade by me, similar here / Lace sash: thrifted, similar here /

Necklace: handmade by me, similar here

We are gathered here today for a happy marriage of two headwear staples: the scarf and the beret.

There are so many different combinations that can add new life to pieces already in your closet. Just like camaraderie with loved ones, these accessories are better than the sum of their parts.

In the video below, I demonstrate four of the many ways you can tie a headscarf under a beret. I'll demonstrate with triangular, rectangular, and narrow scarves.

The wool and cashmere berets are ideal for chilly weather, and the cotton knit and crocheted berets are perfect for early fall and late spring.

Let's start with the video tutorial.

Below, find a selection of beautiful narrow scarves I've chosen from around the web, with coordinating berets. Note the greater impact when combined.

I know how hard it can be to find sashes (tip: I had much more luck when using the search term 'narrow scarf'). Their versatility makes them a useful addition to any wardrobe, as they can also be tied around handbags and around your waist as a belt.

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