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Easy Ways to Wrap a Pre-Tied Headscarf, Part 2

Updated: May 12

2 easy ways to wrap this pre tied headscarf

Introducing a second pre-tied headscarf that arranges itself in a snap! This cotton-rayon scarf's color palette appears duochrome at first glance. Upon a closer look, the softly linear print reveals subtle variations of ivory, seaglass, and gray-blues. I love the charming logo of its Miami-based designer, The Scarf Bar.

The Video Tutorial

Watch the video below for two fresh, easy ways to arrange the scarf. Its open-back construction allows you to tie many of the techniques on the video tutorial page here.

Underneath the Scarf

To reign in strays hairs around my hairline and prevent the headscarf from slipping, I'm wearing this beige velvet wig grip headband.

A bamboo-rayon ruched head shaper on top of the headband adds subtle fullness to the back of the scarf. The velvet strip thoughtfully stitched under the scarf's front edge adds extra security.

scarf: The Scarf Bar / earrings: Amazon / necklace: similar here and here /

dress: Boden, similar here / watch: similar

The Modest Outfit

I favor monochromatic outfits for the long, lean top-to-bottom line they create. So I've paired the pre-tied with a blue cotton chambray shirtdress from classic British fashion label Boden.

Given my background in sewing, I customize most of my clothes. I removed the shirt-style collar, did a sloped shoulder adjustment, and added taupe-colored cotton panels to fill in the shirttail hem and center front opening.

These small adjustments, which can be done with a simple machine or even by hand with a needle and thread, make wearing modest clothes so much more pleasant.

Read more ideas on comfortable, modest outfits here.

The Jewelry

These mini huggie earrings are quietly charming companions to the scarf's voluminous silhouette and long, draping tails. You can find pearl necklaces similar to the one in the photos here and here.

Thank you for reading

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Did you see part one of this series on pre-tied headscarves? If you like blue prints, you'll love the post on this tasseled scarf.

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