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My Top 7 Head Scarf Shopping Websites

Updated: Feb 26

I want to love the feel of a scarf in my hand as I tie it. I want it to be lightweight, buttery smooth, and a manageable size. Tying head scarves is a meditative, creative experience. A sensory delight.

With those lofty expectations, ordering one online can be a leap of faith. These are my go-to, trusted websites for finding the perfect scarf.

Top 7 head scarf shopping websites

1. YOUR SMILE Amazon shop

For a variety of uber-affordable scarves, I love the 'Your Smile' storefront on Amazon. They have a little bit of everything: solid colors and prints, squares and rectangles. Initially the selection looks small, but each of the listings includes many colors and prints.

The tasseled and chiffon scarves I'm wearing above are both by Your Smile. I have my eye on this purple lotus scarf, which is well under fifteen dollars. I feel like a kid in a sandbox with the variety of shapes, sizes, prints, and colors.

2. Bloomingdale's

Scarf: Bloomingdale's collection / Cardigan: Amazon Essentials / Earrings: Amazon Collection

Bloomingdale's has always been upscale and contemporary. If you're looking for a fresh, feminine vibe, browse scarves from the Bloomingdale's collection and their store brand AQUA.

I can't get enough of the bold jewel-tone print on the 100% wool scarf I'm wearing above. It's also available in gray and blue. This brown and beige tonal print rectangular scarf recently caught my eye.

3. The Scarf Bar

Cheetah print pre-tied headscarf / Dusty blue floral pre-tied headscarf

Miami-based specialty shop The Scarf Bar knows how to make a pre-tied head scarf. Their custom designed prints are playful, pretty--and not available from anyone else. The design of the open-back pre-tieds is genius.

Did I mention how comfortable they are? The sewn-in velvet band under the front edge prevents slipping. There's no need to tie extra tight and risk headaches. Most of the scarves are 100% cotton or a cotton-rayon blend. This makes them breathable enough to wear in the summer heat.

Pro tip: they often post exclusive discount codes in their Instagram stories.     

4. Macy's

navy burnout chiffon scarf by I.N.C.

Every day is a scarf party at Macy's. That's because every day there's a handful on sale. I covet all of the silk diamond scarves by Lauren Ralph Lauren, especially this equestrian-inspired piece. It's rare to find a wavy edge like the one on this silk crinkle chiffon rectangle.

The navy burnout chiffon scarf by I.N.C. was made exclusively for Macy's. It's one of the most versatile pieces in my scarf stash, as the solid navy coordinates with most colors, and it can be dressed up or down.

5. Iristide's Amazon shop

My grandmother used to say that when you find a great shoe, get it in every color. She can rest assured that I have taken her advice. But for headwear, not footwear.

I have Iristide's 100% cotton rectangular scarf in four colors... and counting. I also love this teal fringed pashmina, which is a smaller, more manageable size than many other pashminas.

6. Vera Bradley (on Amazon)

Vera Bradley is the queen of bold, happy prints. Women have gone wild for her cheerful fabric handbags, and I am pretty wild over her fluid, 100% rayon scarves. The fabric is so smooth that it feels cool to the touch.

7. ThredUp

Who can resist a bargain? ThredUp is an online consignment (pre-owned clothing) store. It's also my all-around favorite shopping destination. I've had luck finding not only scarves, but also modest dresses and skirts.

When searching for scarves, I make sure to specify 'new with tags' in the sidebar. I find that delicate pre-loved garments often have snags.

Scarf shopping success

The big retailers offer free shipping, accept returns without fuss, and have responsive customer service.

The smaller, specialty websites offer scarves specifically designed to be worn on the head. The stylish dimensions flatter your features with comfort and ease.

I hope these tips make scarf shopping on websites--big or small--a pleasure.

Thank you for reading!

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